Teach Them With Play

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About Us

Pam Coburn

Teach Them With Play

Hi! My name is Pam and I’m a stay at home mum. I’m married to an Australian teacher and we have two boys, Benny and Ollie. 

Before having a family, I worked as a Primary School teacher in Australia for 5 years. Prior to that, I worked as a nanny for many years, so I’ve worked closely with children from newborn to high school age.

When I became a mum, I decided to change my vocation to enable me to care for and educate our children instead of other people’s. I quickly saw how much stuff seemed to come with children and how little they actually needed for entertainment and development. Our boys were more entertained with a box and the contents of the kitchen cupboards anyway, so repurposed “toys” were very common in our house from the start. 

I’m passionate about providing play and learning opportunities in real life moments alongside me such as water play with washing dishes and the car, baking, and general household ”chores”. I created the products we stock as a way of entertaining the boys with independent play that was engaging and also provided them with activities which gave them the tools to develop mentally, physically and emotionally.

Why Choose Us?

Teach Them With Play came about through a combination of needs for us. The need to reduce the amount of toys in our house, the type of toys we were providing our children and the need to be come more sustainable as a household. 

Basically, the need to go back to nature. Back to basics. Back to a simpler life. A life away from screens, away from fast paced schedules and plastic toys which only provide one way of playing with them. One change we made was creating toys sourced from nature, second hand or repurposing items we already had.

The environment is very important to us. We are conscious of what we are leaving behind for our children and their children. All items we provide are sourced locally and sustainably. We forage for our nature items, we rummage for high quality thrifted items, we use local businesses to provide us with our business needs and we reuse and recycle our packaging.

The products we stock at Teach Them With Play are not only sustainable, but provide children with heuristic tools for independent play, as we believe when they are in charge of their own play, they learn at their best. We supply open ended play tools which are only limited by their imagination. As well as the tools for play, we provide you with notes to guide you through some possibilities of development your children will experience as they play, along with some ideas to extend their learning when they show they are ready. We believe that our products engage your children for extended amounts of time. We believe they will be calm and focused when they play. We believe their imagination and creativity will shine and most importantly; they will have fun.