Sustainable goods for you, your home and your child's play

Please Note: 

Metamorphosed is currently not open due to Pam being in hospital. However, if there is something you would like from the store, you can contact us and we can see if one of her family members can sort out an order for you. *This does not apply to play dough or sensory rice.

Shop 'Reimagined Play' for your child's play.

Here you will find the original Reimagined Play Dough Kits, along with Mud Kitchen Sets, Baby Play Kits, Potion Play Trays, Tea Party Sets, Nature Sets and more.

Shop 'Perpetual' for items for 

you and your home.

You will find our most popular 

Petalfetti - natural flower 


Petalfetti comes in 7 beautiful colours which are perfect for all kinds of celebrations.

We also have thrifted 

children's clothing, books, 

puzzles, soft toys 

And decor items for you and your home. 

About Us

Pam Coburn

Thrifter, creator, fun maker!

Kia Ora, I'm Pam, a mum of two active young boys, married to an Australian, we also have a 3rd dog child and 17 chickens. We live semi rurally in a beautiful seaside town in the Bay of Plenty. We homeschool with a child led unschooling vibe.

My boys were the inspiration behind many of the products I create. I wanted them to have sustainable toys that would grow with them throughout childhood. Their own curiosities and natural fascination with all things that were real in our home over toys lead me to coin the term, Reimagined Play.

Reimagined Play is playing with objects in a way that is different than what it was originally intended for. Children will naturally do this when presented with items such as loose parts, and once they are confident in making anything, whatever they desire, Reimagined Play goes to the max! My boys turn tea pots into rubbish trucks, ovens, pools... Reimagined Play opens up a child's imagination and creativity while using authentic items.

I created the products I stock as a way of entertaining the boys with independent play babies. I needed engaging items which provided learning opportunities and the tools to develop their mental, physical and emotional needs without the need of my input all the time, especially while preparing melas or while showering! 

I hope my experiences and therefore my products, provide you with the same for you and your children.

Since then, I have progressed onto stocking more thrifted items for you to purchase, so you can have a curated range in one place and I plan to continue to extend this range as you require it.

I have also built up my flower garden, and therefore Petalfetti to a larger extent. So now I am able to provide multiple colours and offer it for more than just play. The original purpose for it was my sisters wedding in 2020, so I spent the whole spring and summer of 2019/2020 collecting and drying it just for her. It has since been used in another wedding as well as plenty of play - it is a very popular sensory base of mine!

Thank you for supporting our family and for choosing to shop sustainably.

Why Choose Us?

The environment is very important to us. We are conscious of what we are leaving behind for our children and their children. All items we provide are sourced locally and sustainably. We forage for our nature items, we grow our own Prepare a Posy flowers and dry the petals we grow for Petalfetti, we rummage for high quality thrifted items, we use local businesses to provide us with other beautiful products and for our business needs. And we reuse and recycle our packaging, which we hope you will too.

The products we stock at Metamorphosed are not only sustainable, but provide children with heuristic tools for independent play, as we believe when they are in charge of their own play, they learn at their best. We supply open ended play tools which are only limited by their imagination. 

We believe in our products and hope they will engage your children for extended amounts of time. We hope you look back after your celebrations and are glad you chose the sustainable option for confetti. We hope you love the history in the pieces you chose to adorn your homes and clothe your children in. We hope the pieces you chose, live on to create another history as they are passed on to others to enjoy further or become family pieces. Further sustainability from just having longer lasting products is our goal. As well as the goal of your child's play to take priority over everything else they do in their lives.

We want their imagination and creativity to shine and most importantly; we want them to spend a wonderful childhood filled with unbridled play and having fun!